Month: August 2017

How to grow an onion from a sprouted bulb

Have to ever looked in you cupboard and found an onion that has started to sprout?

Why not grow one or even a couple of brand new onions. I found this Spanish onion had sprouted in my cupboard and thought I’d take the opportunity to grow a few more.


Cut carefully lengthwise to expose to centre sprout. Remove the outer layers of the onion, until you just have the centre sprout remaining.

If there are multiple sprouts, separate them.

Plant the onions into you garden or a pot and keep well watered for the next few weeks to encourage root growth. 

When the green tops start to wilt and go brown, its time to harvest your onions.

7 benefits of a CSA

There are a lot of reasons to join a community supported agriculture (CSA). Here are 7 benefits to joining your local CSA.

  1. Fresh locally grown fruit and veggies. You can’t get fresher than produce picked the very day your pick up your box of veggies. Farms give their members the very best of their produce, and many even offer herbs, eggs, and more.
  2. Learn about new fruit and vegetables. Your weekly CSA box contains a variety of fruit and veggies, some of which may be new. Don’t worry, recipe cards included in the box will help you with including new veggies in your meals.
  3. Better understanding of the seasons and what grows in your area. It’s about a connection to the land and how the seasons effect food availability.
  4. Relationship with the farmer. Getting to know your local farmer, their organic farming practices and knowing where your food comes from is immensely satisfying. You are welcome to visit the farm and find out more about the farming methods used.
  5. Organic food. It’s comforting to know that the fruit and veggies in your CSA box are completely pesticide free and grown in rich soil to guarantee nutrient dense produce that tastes incredible.
  6. Supporting your local farmer and community. Not only do you support your local economy, by purchasing your CSA boxes up front each season you support your farmer at a critical time. Farmers outlay significant funds for seeds, irrigation, mulch and infrastructure such as netting and trellises way before actually having any produce to sell.
  7. Time saving. What you give up in choice, you definitely gain in convenience. Picking up a box simply takes less time that going to the farmers market or choosing, bagging, and paying for produce at the store.

Central Coast Veggie Patch provides fruit and veggies for a CSA local to Central Coast, NSW, Australia. There are limited number of CSA boxes available so be quick to register your interest via our email