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Sweet potato planting

We placed 4 sweet potatoes in water and they each produced around 7 plants with roots called slips. Slips are laid sideways in 15 cm deep holes, 30 cm apart and covered up to top leaves. This encourages the growth of sweet potatoes from the covered stem.

Soak the ground to get the slips established.

How to grow an avocado tree from seed

I’ve been asked multiple times to give a step-by-step guide to growing an avocado tree from a seed. Well, here it is.

Wash the seed to remove any avocado. Stick 3 toothpicks into the side of the avocado seed and fill a tall glass of water close to the top. Put the seed into the water with the pointy end facing up. Place the glass and seed on a windowsill which doesn’t receive direct sunlight but is well lit. Make sure you keep the water covering the bottom part of the seed.

You’ll see roots first at the bottom and then the stem sprouting from the top in 2-6 weeks.

When the avocado tree is about 15cm tall, plant out into a pot or the garden.

How to grow pineapples from tops

To grow a pineapple plant, all you need is a fresh pineapple top.

Farmers will often remove and discard the tops at farmers markets. I picked these tops up from an organic farmers market on the Gold Coast. Leave the top in a dry sunny place for a week to seal the base which prevents rotting.

Plant the top into well draining soil and keep watered for the first two weeks to encourage root growth.

It takes 2 years for pineapple tops to flower and fruit.

How to grow an onion from a sprouted bulb

Have to ever looked in you cupboard and found an onion that has started to sprout?

Why not grow one or even a couple of brand new onions. I found this Spanish onion had sprouted in my cupboard and thought I’d take the opportunity to grow a few more.


Cut carefully lengthwise to expose to centre sprout. Remove the outer layers of the onion, until you just have the centre sprout remaining.

If there are multiple sprouts, separate them.

Plant the onions into you garden or a pot and keep well watered for the next few weeks to encourage root growth. 

When the green tops start to wilt and go brown, its time to harvest your onions.