We absolutely love growing veggies, more importantly nutrient dense, pesticide free, organically grown, safe veggies.

We believe in sustainable farming methods, reusing and recycling, and doing everything we can to look after our beautiful environment.

We have been growing veggies since we were newlyweds. 15yrs and 3 little boys later, our need for nutrient dense, organic produce has increased out of sight! The people you will meet on our farm are myself, Missy and my husband Anthony and our 3 boys, Dex, Pax and Bubba! You will also meet Heidi and her 2 children. Heidi is a herbalist and naturopath, so keep your eye out for workshops we will be running on how to use fresh herbs to benefit your health.

Address: Jilliby on the Central Coast, NSW.

Phone: 0425 834 459


We hope you enjoy our page and we look forward to showing you what we are doing on our farm.